Concrete removal

 Leak repairs and waterproofing

 Code violations resolved

 Repair and replace walkways/driveways

 Patio building

 Wall retainers

 Custom stone work

… and more




 Chimney Cleaning

 Chimney Caps

 All Types of Chimney Maintenance

 Stainless steel relining

 Custom chimney caps

 Crown repair


 Fireplace Dampers

 Wood burning stove installation

 Energy efficient home improvements

 Draft issues

 Triple wall systems


 Animal control

… and more

chimney & pipes repair

chimney & pipes repair



Quality 1st provides high quality Fireplace & Wood Burning Stove Renovations. We install custom brick or stone veneer facings.We also provide discoloring cleaning solutions for any damaged bricks
 Custom fireplaces

 Chimney Reflashing

 Masonry Restoration

 Concrete Crowns

 Chimney & Fireplace Installation

… and more

Fireplace Picture 2